Slam Fighter II
as Serghei Ionescu & D-Trick Love - Feel my sick ice burn! Colder than Siberian Gulag!!
The Amazing Adventures of Action Jack & Obvious Girl
as The Sultan of Cynicism - A Cunningly-Crafted Comic of Colossal Comedy for Radio Play Connoisseurs
as Martin Niester and Gandarf - Classic point-and-click adventure in a modern dystopian setting
The Queen Returns
as The Darkness - Darkness is the New Black ♥
Guardian Revolution
as Kelly Hughes - Visual novel based on an upcoming card game with JRPG and tabletop RPG elements
Lords of Xulima
as Lord Nengorth - A challenging role-playing game set on the mythical continent of Xulima
Holy Knight
as Cliff Strive - "ADD! ("Err...'Anime Dubbing Debut.' That's what I meant.")
LTM Audio Players
NYC-based Audio/Radio Drama Ensemble formed in Summer 2014